Use Slideshark for PowerPoint presentations on the iPad

Slideshark for ipadSlideshark is one of the most preferred solutions for showing Powerpoint presentations on your iPad.  They recently celebrated 1 million downloads of the app. It uses a combination of an free online service and a free app. You simply upload your powerpoint file to your account, download the optimized presentation via the free app, and share it.  It comes from Brainshark, Inc., a leader in presentation software solutions.

Create a free Slideshark Account

Sideshark is offers both free and premium accounts. Free accounts with 100 MB of free storage are offered for single users.  You can add 500 MB for $49/year or 1 GB for $95/year (in addition to the free 100 MB).  Registering takes about 10 seconds.

There are also premium options for team based accounts.

Upload your file

The account page is very simple and clean.  There is an upload button to click to choose the file from your hard drive.  Slideshark will accept the following file extensions: PPT, PPTX, PPS or PPSX.  Powerpoint files can be uploaded to Slideshark’s website from many different sources including:

  • your computer
  • iPad or iPhone
  • Email
  • Box
  • Google Drive
  • Syncplicity or Dropbox account
  • Other 3rd party apps such as Good Reader, SugarSync, and many more

View your presentation

Once you have uploaded your presentation, the next step is to get it on your ipad or iphone.  Download the free app, sign in to your account, and download the file to your device.  The file will then be on your iPad or iPhone enabling you to show it without the need for internet.

Share your presentation

One of the top benefits of solutions like Slideshark is that you can now have your powerpoint presentation on the go.  No need to carry a bulky laptop computer with you.  With the stunning display of the ipad, and portability factor with Slideshark, powerpoint presentations will continue to be a great asset for communication.

Slideshark also enables you to use your iPhone as a remote control while displaying the presentation on your ipad.  This works especially well when displaying for a group using a TV or projector.

Advancing your slides is simple with a tap or slide motion.  You can also reach options from within the presentation.

Powerpoint features Slideshark does NOT support

Because Slideshark reformats your powerpoint presentation, not every features is supported.  Avoid relying on the following powerpoint features if you plan on using Slideshark as they are not supported:

  • embedded videos that are not .wmv or .avi format
  • animated gifs
  • slide transitions
  • triggers
  • macros
  • 3rd party components
  • Some advanced animations


Slideshark offers many how-to’s as well as tutorial videos to show you how everything works.  They have a blog with many, many helpful articles about the software and tips for doing presentations.

Visit Slideshark


5 Best Apps to Play PowerPoint on Your iPad

You’ve been there.  You need to take a look at an important file.  You receive it from a colleage or download it from the internet. You go to open it and find out you have no software that will open the file.  This can be very frustrating.  An iPad is not exempt from this situation.  Fortunately, solutions are usually not long off – the iPad is as versatile, if not more versatile, than any computer or smart device.

Though Microsoft does NOT have a native Microsoft Powerpoint app, there are dozens of ways to use your iPad to show your presentations.  When someone tells you they’ve got a powerpoint file to send you, you don’t have to wait until you get home to dust off the old PC.

Here are 5 of the most popular ways to open and play your old and new Powerpoint files without having to change the format of the presentation.

Top 5 Ways to show Powerpoint presentations on your iPad

1. Apple’s Keynote

Probably the first option to try would be to open up Powerpoint in Keynote.  Keynote is Apple’s own presentation software and has always been able to import PPT files.

2. Slideshark

Slideshark is described as the “#1 app for viewing and sharing PowerPoint presentations on the iPad”.  It can be downloaded in the App Store.  The way it works is you upload your powerpoint file to your online secure account (free to set up).  Then you download the converted presentation to your iPad app.  There are also some impressive sharing capabilities. Slideshark keeps all your Powerpoint elements in tact (animations, videos, etc.)

3. OnCloud

If you’re looking for a more holistic solution, check out OnCloud.  OnCloud brings Microsoft Office to your iPad and connects to your online cloud.  WIth OnCloud, you have virtually full capabilities with Word, Excel and, yes, Powerpoint.  The software integrates with your Dropbox, Google Drive or Box to allow simple transfer of files between machines.

A similar product is OnLive Desktop.  This is a cloud-based application that will run Powerpoint as well as other Microsoft Office applications.

4. iSpring

iSpring, an add-on for Powerpoint, converts your Powerpoint files to HTML5. What is HTML5?  It’s a format that is viewable on your favorite iPad web browser.   This format preserves most of your presentations animations and videos.  Being an add-on, converting your files is convenient and quick.

5. QuickOffice

This Google-owned app calls itself the “#1 office editing suite for iPad”.  This seems to be an impressive package.  With it you can create, view and edit Powerpoint presentations from 1997 – 2010 (.ppt & .pptx).  The software also offers an advanced Powerpoint editor with more powerful features.  QuickOffice also integrates with cloud based services.

If the iPad can’t do it today, give it enough time and someone will develop an app for it.  Powerpoint presentations are no exception.  Apple doesn’t have a monopoly on presentation software so it’s helpful to know your PC-created presentations will work on this platform.  Choose whatever route suits your situation or preference.  Like most computer related issues, there are multiple solutions available.

Ipad with Powerpoint – BONUS TIP

Do you want to run your presentation from your iPad but display it on an external device such as a projector or TV?  You can do this too!  This is perfect for the board room, classroom or even church.  Check out Slideshow Remote.  This app turns your iPad into a remote control and integrates a number of other useful features.

above image by suphakit73 | freedigitalphotos.net

Ways to export your Powerpoint Presentations for your iPad

Sometimes we don’t know which device we’ll have on hand when we want to save or open certain kinds of files.  However, sometimes we have the luxery of time and planning.  When it comes to viewing a Powerpoint presentation on you iPad, your iPad, you may need to plan ahead.  Your iPad may not have an app that supports your presentation file – especially if you are creating it on a PC.

To ensure your presentation will come across without a hitch, take a look at the following options.  One of them is sure to apply your specific situation.

1. Convert your presentation to video

If your Powerpoint presentation does not need to start and stop at specific points, then this method may be desirable.  With the stunning display of the iPad, your animations and transitions will shine as a video on an iPad.  There are a few things to keep in mind.  The iPad will only play specific file formats (.m4v, .mp4, or .mov) so make sure your video is in this format.  You may want to utilize software designed for this such as Wondershare’s PPT to Video.

2. Export your powerpoint slides as images

In Powerpoint, presentations can be exported as jpgs under the “Save as…” menu.  This has some limitations in that animations will be lost.  The presentation will also lose any sound, video or fancy transitions.  The slides will be exported in their final state.  This does, however, put them in a format that has some flexibility on the iPad.  Import them into your iPad’s photo folder and go from there.

3. Upload your presentation to an online service

Powerpoint in the cloud?  Well, sort of.  There are a number of online services that will enable you to upload your PPT files and convert them into a web-based presentation.  One of the most compatible services is authorstream.com which is free.  Be sure to read their documentation to understand the limitations.

There’s no doubt about it.  The iPad is revolutionary and is changing our very culture.  These are not the only options but are some of the more common ones.  Hopefully one of them will be helpful for you.  Of course, new apps are being developed and old apps are always being improved!

Most people will only venture out to learn the basic features of their iPad.  I encourage you not to stop at the basics (web browsing, email, Facebook, Angry Birds) You may miss out on some great tools for productivity, fun, relationships, or perhaps an area of life you never imagined an iPad would affect.

image by watcharakun | freedigitalphotos.net